FILMFORUM.PL Editorial Board


FILMFORUM.PL - Editorial Office

ul. gen. Wladyslawa Andersa 35
00-159 Warsaw, Poland

ph.: +48 22 392 03 22

FILMFORUM.PL is an entity entered in the register of newspapers and magazines maintained by the Warsaw-Praga District Court.

ISSN number: 1898-4959

FILMFORUM Association
ul. gen. Wladyslawa Andersa 35
00-159 Warszawa, Poland

Association data

If you are interested in activities in the field of organizing events, trainings or workshops, or would like to establish a promotional and advertising cooperation with FILMFORUM, details can be found in the "Cooperation" section.

Editorial Board

  • Dorota Kozłowska-Woźniak
    Dorota Kozłowska-Woźniak

    Office Director

  • Simone Lipińska
    Simone Lipińska

    Secretary of the Management Board
    Press Spokesman

    ph.: +48 22 392 03 21
    e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.